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The storyline is based around a popular 17-year-old high school senior torn between their dreams and the reality of their lives. Natalie, who thinks she has got life figured out, until she meets and falls for Keith Zetterstrom a student, portrayed by Jesse McCartney. Natalie is at first annoyed by her new chemistry class lab partner, but she ultimately falls for him and discovers that Keith is hiding a secret, with tragic and sad results. Natalie parties with other students at The Brick (an outdoors place where students go to have fun), and bonds with a new transfer student, Rafael. Ignacio serricchio. Later, Natalie is in her chemistry class. The class is being assigned lab partners; Natalie is assigned Keith, who is not present at the time, but arrives mysteriously late. After having a short conversation, Natalie and Keith begin to argue because Natalie is focused on how the class affects her future and Keith prefers to joke around and cares only about the present; Natalie is angered by their argument, and requests a partner change from the teacher, but her request is refused. Realizing that she has a lab report due the next day, Natalie goes to find Keith to help her with it. While helping her with the lab report, Keith takes her into his carefree life and goes to an office building to do their report. During this time, Keith and Natalie become closer. Keith tells Natalie that he lives at an old white house with the big porch. She likes this revelation. Later in the day, more of Natalie's life is revealed; she is also a talented tennis player currently ranked 14th presumably in the state. Later in the evening, she is at The Brick again with Raff. Keith persistently asks Natalie to go out with him as friends. He takes Natalie to a few places and talks to her with playful banter, which she learns to get used to. As time goes on, the two continue to hang out in this fashion and become closer. Natalie even blows her now-boyfriend Raff off to go on non-dates with Keith. After driving for a short while, Natalie tells Keith to turn into a dirt road, which just so happens to be Keith's favorite spot; a cliff overlooking The Brick, separated by a river. They sit down and talk, afterwards exchanging a small kiss. Later that night, Natalie tells Raff that she does not feel like going to The Brick. The next day, instead of going to The Brick, Natalie decides to go to the cliff she went to with Keith. She has become comfortable wearing Keith's jacket at times when alone with him, and discusses with him their future dreams. While Keith and Natalie talk while lying down in the back of the truck, Natalie notices that the truck is moving. She panics and gets out of it, trying to stop it as she screams at Keith to jump to safety. Keith, however, remains lying down, relaxed and rambling on, despite the fact that he is about to roll off a cliff. Just before rolling off, Keith swiftly moves into the driver's seat and hits the brakes. Natalie is furious with Keith and asks him if he wanted to kill himself. When Natalie gets home, she is still wearing Keith's jacket and finds antidepressants in his pocket. The following day at school, Natalie wants to speak to Keith about the medication, but he is not at school, nor is he there the day after that. Because of his absence, Natalie begins to worry and becomes slightly depressed. She tries to get his contact details from the school, but the school does not allow it. Natalie then remembers that Keith said he lived at the old white house, and decides to go visit. But it turns out that Keith lied to her about his residence. Because of Keith's mysterious disappearance, Natalie begins to lose her tennis matches, which is her key to a scholarship at duke university. Two weeks later, Keith appears just as mysteriously as he had disappeared. Natalie is irritated about the lies he fed her. She decides to find out his real address by breaking into his locker. As a result, she is suspended from school for a week. Her friends all believe that Keith is trying to destroy her life, but she disagrees. Without anyone to turn to, and without anywhere to go, Natalie decides to go visit Keith at his house. There, she meets his father and finds out that Keith also lied to her about his family (his siblings and his deceased mother). Keith refuses to come out of his room to see her. Desperate to talk to Keith, Natalie hides in the back of his truck. Later that night, Keith comes out of the house and drives off to his favorite clifftop. While there, Natalie expresses her love for him, and they end up having sex in the back of the truck. While Keith drives Natalie home, Natalie is excited to begin an official romantic relationship with Keith, but Keith says that what happened between them that night was just for fun and is not something to make a big deal about, which infuriates Natalie.In the next few scenes, Natalie's downfall, from her perfect life to a life filled with sadness and confusion, is apparent. Her tennis rankings have dropped, and she is on the verge of losing her scholarship opportunity. In addition, she dumps her boyfriend Raff. While driving without an idea of where she is going, Natalie sees Al (the man Keith talked to at the opening of the film), who was Keith's counselor, and asks him about Billy (the boy she watched talk excitedly with Keith the first night she and Keith went to the cliff), and it turns out that Billy died because of cancer and Billy knew Keith because they went to chemotherapy treatment together. Natalie finally realizes that Keith is dying of cancer, and is informed that he does not have much longer to live. She tries to go to Keith's house again to talk to him, but she is rejected once again. Then, one night, Keith mysteriously appears at her house offering to go bowling with her. On the way to go bowling, Natalie leads Keith to the airport so that he can follow his dreams, telling him the sky is the limit. At the airport, after some resistance, Keith finally expresses his true feelings for Natalie, and Natalie tells Keith that she wants to be with him even though he will die one day soon. They kiss and embrace.The film then cuts to when Natalie graduates; Keith is not mentioned and has presumably died from cancer. Natalie is filling a suitcase with items from Keith's locker. Natalie has changed. She has almost become a replica of Keith; she has become a grease monkey and loves the yellow truck. There is a scene where Natalie is fixing the truck with Keith's father. The film cuts back to its first scene, where Natalie is slowly rolling towards the edge of the cliff. Just before falling off, she swiftly, like Keith did, jumps into the driver's seat and hits the brakes.
the end.
Main character:
Jesse McCartney as Keith Zetterstrom
Elisabeth Harnois as Natalie Anderson

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