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Marketing Plan

Product: Bubble bath Liquid Soap (Aloe Vera)
Our product which is basically an innovative and improve liquid soap in a kind of foaming shower gel that gives us light and cool way in taking a bath. These nice means eliminate the difficulty in bubble the natural soap that we used at home. What we have to do is just push pump to spray foam onto hands or bath sponge and clean the whole body. With the refreshing effect of Aloe Vera we are cooling our body and feel relaxed after that. Now that we have this kind of product, we usually reduce the number of soap used because every single liquid in the bottle is applied. The commercial soap is too small for us to hold after several times and the effect is not like the first we used it, this make us design a product that will help each of us. Every customer is hoping to satisfy in using this product even for the first time because it’s not too difficult in handling.

We value our customers as we pursued to present a new product that definitely suitable and affordable. The bottle contains 150ml for P50.00 and the bigger bottle with 210ml which cost for only P92.00. It’s more recommended to buy the bigger bottle because the standard cost P3.00 per ml than the other one which only cost P2.28 per ml.
With the unusual price of the soap we used at home this is a little bit higher of P20 to P50, but what is good with this product is that you can control the used and there’s no single drop would be wasted. Additional to that, when using this product the quality is similar for the first time you used it because it’s in the liquid form.

We have 3 plans for the promotion of the product:

  • The first promotion for our product is using mini TV ads inside the supermarket near to the products.

  • Second is giving brochures and leaflets with the details about our new products, how to used it, important information about Aloe Vera when used with the body, and the prices.

  • Third, we would want to organize a mall tour with the selected shopping malls or center where there are prospective buyers with our product.
We want to inform the public with our representative that we are launching an innovative creation of liquid soap, that’s why we want to send a person for them to know how important they are in every mall tour that we would organize.
Place of Distribution:
For us the best choose where we can put our product is in supermarkets together with our competitors. By that customers can personally evaluate and see to it the different with the usual soap that we used. We also want to put in a place like boutiques or shops where unique and kikay things are display. For example with the CINDERELLA shops.
For our future plan after the evaluation maybe we can open now our own shop where other products are display.

We value our customers’ satisfaction when they used our products. Our target market is those teens who always experiment a unique way to enjoy washing their body when taking a bath. Also, the kids that is older than 2 years old. In that age, they are so active in playing and a little hard for a parent to please a child to take a bath. Now, they can enjoy and play with the bubbles together they were clean.
The product is not only for kids and teens but for older people also, they can buy it to relax with the cooling effect of the Aloe Vera after a long day of work.

Our company’s major objective is to be able to find and solve the market problems in terms of useful products that we created.

We value a lot our supportive customers who always help us in achieving our aims. We believe that our job is to continue producing quality and effective means of hygiene to our entire loyal customer. We will pursue this duty as a part of our company’s existence in this industry as long as they want to have an excellent piece.

Our vision is to maintain the company’s image in terms of giving customer satisfaction and loyalty. The hard work of our staffs, supervisors, managers and other higher officials will continue just to make a product that we can all be proud of.

Our industry now a day is so competitive, it simply means that every company should enhance and set a change in the business world for us to be able to survive in this kind of environment. Here in the Philippines, the soap industry is very challenging. There’s always new product that came up just to give the customer a choice what their preference is. Also, because the demand is high the company should mind that quality is the most important for the customer to continue buy the product. The price should also be affordable for them to avail it.
President: Glenda Esquidillo
Vice President : Czamille Dela Cruz
Marketing Manager: Lezzie Marie O. Bongue
Finance Manager : Jennylyn Dela Cruz
Sales Manager : Arson Balana
Assistant Manager : Darwin Inay


  • Now a day, people are more conscious about the products they are using.

  • We are in a world where people think different than yesterday.

  • People are now experimenting products they buy when they’re not satisfied with the old one.

  • People would enjoy taking a bath with this product because of a new way of using it.

  • The company will not satisfy, if the customers want other way to use the product.

  • We are competitive and not scared to present new products in the market.


  • Not sure if the customer is willing to add a budget to buy the product.

  • If the people are not willing to adopt the unusual procedures in using soap.

  • If the company can stand on its own with this product.


  • It would later create other varieties of products that give choices to the customer.

  • If we can get the pulse of the consumers we can earn higher in the unusual expected earnings.

  • Maybe we can export the product to expand the business.

  • Maybe we can branch out in other countries if the local market tells well about the product.

  • We can compete in other big companies.

  • We can steadily have a store for all of our products.


  • We are not sure if our competitors would reproduce the same products with different name.

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