Wednesday, August 11, 2010

moral act

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moral act
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The Huffington Post named Hilary Rosen as its political director and Washington editor-at-large. In this role Rosen, the former head of RIAA, the recording industry trade association, will, "liaise with elected officials and Congressional leaders, coordinate coverage of the upcoming national conventions, and assist in the recruiting of political, business and cultural bloggers."

There's nothing wrong with politicos making the transition to journalism, per se. There are numerous examples. However, according to the HuffPo press release:

Rosen maintains her involvement and influence within the media industry as an advisor to various companies on digital distribution and consumer branding strategies for entertainment and media properties. Rosen is also a Partner in Berman Rosen Global Strategies, a consulting firm with expertise in intellectual property policy development.

Usually, journalists with an agenda have well defined ideological biases or positions, and make no bones about them. But they aren't paid to promote any specific causes -- doing so would make them PR flacks. It's one thing for a lobbyist or consultant to post a commentary or write an op-ed (Rosen likely wrote many op-eds over the years while at RIAA), but it seems a little odd to have an active hired gun direct news coverage.

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