Wednesday, August 11, 2010

my death paper

arson balana
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When I was a child habit is playing a toys with my two sisters,my causins and my friends. since birth i cared for my parent's to read and write until when I was five years old.

When I was kinder garten, that is the beginning of my schooling.In first day I'am so! very nervous and shy inside in our classroom.

I graduated of kinder garten in praise rotary learn center in private school but I transferred in public school because no other support to my study.

When I was grade-1 I'm very happy because my grades is very higher and my teacher is very kind and humble. was fun because I had many friends who care and help me at my activities and assignment to how to do it.

When I was in grade-2 I went to the rugged and bad teachers. first day of school just been held accountable to me immediately. Because I accuse of doing wrong. even if I sin. He does not know the situation if who is at fault. ThenI stand by my teacher and not fed any moment until end of class. Tus not never be forget my unforgettable moment in my life.

When I was grade-3 futher I had many kind friends. Again brigthen the day of my career and I feel my life is having a beautiful color until grade-4.

When I was in grade-5 I had again a new friends. but i had again a bad teacher like previously. He forced us polish sell his food evev though we do not want it. If we dont want buy her merchandise our money mandatory. Then I will not forget the unforgettable bad experience in my life.

When I was in grade-6 I had again a new and kind friends.before vacation I having fun with my friends and we are going on outings here and there.even prohibit me of my parents.

After all this years I graduated in elementary, and I feel I'am lucky and happy because my parents is here to protect,guide,and support me at all. after graduation we prepare some food for the small celebration because my dad is proud to me.

Since I'm first time in Dona Josefa Jara Martinez High School I'am very nervous and shy because I'am new student and I know not yet in school.The last well we met all.

I had again a new friends in school and I had also enemy. We are belong to each other if we answers or doing our activities and assignments.I had also first time to stray. we also returned even if we know where to go.

When I was in second year high school I felt because were together this year. even so I never be forget the beautiful unforgettable moments in my life.

When I was in third year high school I tested first J.S prom/Junior and Senior promenade in our school. I had crush in our classroom but when she know she ashame of me.even so I will be happy at that time.

My last year in high school is I felt pretty because I see them as my friends previously.not too happy was the second my J.S prom/Junior and Senior promenade then compared last year.

Later,I came also hoped that graduation. I have completed, my classes since kinder until graduation in high school like my friends.

To achieve in high school and pass a few months we have two months vacation together with our causins,grandmother and father. we celebrate our delicious and beautiful vacation after my graduation.

After vacation,prepares to us that using the school for nearly entrance. I enroll at STI college of quezon avenue.I thinking if what course I taketo pick a future come after me.

First day I enter a college. I'am so! nervous,shy,and quiet.but when I last trained. until i had a new and kind friends. I'am super fun first time i just sing in another house and attend a birthday. Many have first time experienced in my life that occurred.

After in a few months also passed the CHRISTMAS DAY!,NEW YEARS DAY, and also my BIRTHDAY!!!. I will not never be forget my many unforgettable moments in first year college in my life since previously until now! in college life.

I wish dont forget to each other be friends forever any when and I pray to God that we guide all of people and keep us from harm. GOD BLESS!!! :)

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